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Property Manager & REALTOR | Co-Owner

Nicole is a seasoned professional with a robust background in Information Technology, marked by over two decades of experience in the higher education sector. A proud graduate of Campbell University, she holds a degree in Computer Science that has been the foundation of her remarkable career journey.

With her son, Will, currently pursuing his education at North Carolina State University, Nicole understands the significance of higher education and the unique needs of students and families in university communities. This insight has been invaluable in her transition into the real estate and property management industry.

At Triangle to Coast Property Management, Nicole has found the perfect platform to leverage her IT expertise and her innate leadership abilities. Her strategic thinking and keen eye for talent have allowed her to build a dynamic team of professionals who share her vision and passion. This team is at the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking new ways to optimize property management processes and enhance the client experience.

While many may be surprised to discover that Nicole is an introvert at heart, she is unapologetically forthright in her communication. She believes in the power of honesty, integrity, and candid dialogue. These values are not just words to Nicole; they are guiding principles that she expects from her colleagues and clients and exemplifies every day.

At Triangle to Coast Property Management, Nicole spearheads a dedicated team committed to the swift placement of highly qualified residents in your property, ensuring that your investment flourishes. As a "Truly Full Service" property management company, they cover all aspects, from financial matters to inspections and repairs, providing comprehensive care and attention to your property.

Ultimately, Nicole's primary goal at Triangle to Coast Property Management is your success. She is wholeheartedly dedicated to serving both property owners and residents with the utmost professionalism and integrity, creating a mutually prosperous and thriving environment for all stakeholders. With her IT background, strategic leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Nicole is driving positive change and innovation in the property management industry.


Fun Facts

  • Favorite Activity: Working out

  • Favorite Food: Lucky Charms

  • Favorite Movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's

  • Favorite School: NC State since I give them all my money!


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  • BS, Computer Science

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